Then the treatment for this is filling…

  • In the era of modern dentistry, silver fillings are now replaced with white tooth coloured fillings which are designed to match the colour of the tooth and not cause any health hazards.
  • These tooth coloured filling materials are not only used in decayed tooth but have other implications too.

Additional applications of composites:

  • Fractured or chipped teeth correction
  • Repair of fractured old fillings
  • Closure of gaps between teeth
  • Build-up of grossly destroyed tooth

Advantages of tooth coloured fillings (composite fillings) over silver fillings:

  • They are white in colour
  • Bond to the tooth structure giving more strength
  • Conserves more natural tooth structure and pose less hazards to health

We, at Dental Care aim to restore damaged teeth and re-establish your oral health and brilliant smile by restoring tooth to its original size, shape and form so that the filling is aesthetically pleasing.