Our motive is always to save natural teeth….Help patients to take care of their teeth.

There are lot of patients who come with wornout, sensitive, broken-down teeth, fractured teeth, mobile teeth eventually leading to extractions.

There is some instability which has caused break down of natural teeth. If patients get to see a specialist who is trained in full mouth rehabilitations, the whole approach will be different. We see a lot of patients who have been going to dentists for many years with all these problems. These patients underwent multiple rcts, caps. Eventually when those capped teeth fracture, patients feel helpless and get these teeth extracted.

Unfortunately, many of us at dental school level are trained to handle only single teeth.

As ‘FMR’ specialists, we are trained to look at the whole mouth and masticatory system which focuses on complete treatment plan which focuses on stability, functionality aesthetics and longevity.

‘FMR’ doesn’t always mean only teeth problems, there can be ‘TMJ’ problems which cause clicking sound or popping sound while opening and closing the mouth which eventually leads to joint degeneration. If specialist sees the patinet in time, there are simple solutions for these problems.

‘FMR’ also involves muscles of mastication which due to instability causes headaches, facial pain, and cervical neck pain. These can be easily treated by a specialist.