You are always welcome to share your problems with our team whether you are our first time patient or an old patient with a new problem. Our Multispecialty practice can provide solutions to dental problems of your whole family under one roof.
Dr. Kamala is a Dawson Scholar and she specializes in treating people having TMJ and Jaw pain or needing Full mouth rehabilitation with minimally invasive technique. Our clinic is the 1st choice for a wide spectrum of people of different age group from young to old, from different strata’s of life including the NRIs and different multicultural expatriate.
We are empanelled with International Insurance company Aetna since past few years and also serving Embassies of different countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc..

Hima Gupta

Hi Dr. Kamala I am Dr. Hima maxfac. I have been following your cases from quite sometime and I am totally intrigued by them. Your work is amazing and inspire me to learn more and more.
I keep following your work and it’s truly exceptional like a dream which I would want to achieve in my practice too. Thanks again.

Shireyn Bayog-Locsin

Good day doctor! I’ve been following your page because I also work on same Dr. Dawson’s principle of occlusion. He must have been very proud of you. I was just inspired on how generous you are sharing your cases and your heart to our profession. More success to you! God bless Dr. Kamala!

Dinesh Madan

Thanks so much Doc for sharing ur knowledge in ur posts … Very nicely n aptly explained

Jeffrey Hoos Dmd

You should be very proud and you have made your parent very proud….

Cefipay Ynaelena

Hello doctor kamala I am a new dentist here in my country and i studied craniodontics tmj here and learned some pearls from dawson teachings. I am so inspired by your craft and service. 
I hope you could visit our country philippines and have a seminar here thank you

Sahil Malhotra

You are really an inspiration mam what a great clinic…I usually follow the slidework u share

Joan Forrest

Wonderful documentation. Dr. DAWSON would be very proud. Keep up the good work.

Raj Upadya

Beautifully worked up and documented, Dr. Kamala!! So proud to have u on the Dawson India Team!!

Dr. Kamala!! You are a testament to the timeless principles we teach at Dawson India!!

Ambika Chawla

Your depth of knowledge is too good but more than that your quality of work and efforts you put in details is inspiring. Everytime i meet you i am motivated to improve myself. Thanks for sharing your work

Vasanth Sivaraman

Superlative presentation. So neatly and understandably stated. Great service to those entering into CR occlusion education, it shows them a correct path. Keep sharing more.

Highly impressed by the quality of your work and presentation. Dawson I am sure will be pleased

Dr. Nevin Abraham

Out of words…. You are tremendously awesome doc…. A true saviour and blessing with your cases for me to understand more and more about the subject…. Now a bit more easier for me to understand more by revising all your previous cases as well now that am done with TMD, Occlusion & Orofacial pain training…. Thank you doc…. Keep posting… Keep motivating… 🙂

Ramesh Selvam

Wonderful Presentation mam! Proud to have a Dawson Scholar who shares so many concepts about Occlusion in India! Thanking a lot from the depth of my Heart!

Great presentation doctor ! you are an Inspiration in CR based Dentistry