Dr. Kamala

Dr. Kamala graduated from JSS dental college in 1997 with distinction in Bachelor of Dental Surgery and always had the passion to provide best treatment, available anywhere in the world, to the patients under one roof, which led to opening of Kamala dental care in the heart of South Delhi.

  • Completed an advanced program of diploma in Lasers from Aachen University, Germany in 2009. Lasers are extensively used in Kamala Dental care for effectively treating gum diseases, minor surgeries and in implants
  • Did a post graduate certificate in Cosmetic dentistry from State University of New York. The knowledge gained has helped her to treat patients with most advanced cosmetic treatments in dentistry
  • Dr. Galip Gurel of Istanbul, is a regarded as master of Esthetic dentistry. She attended an advanced program and hands on training to learn advanced methods of cosmetic dentistry. These techniques are very helpful in smile designing and methodical treatment planning of complex smile cases
  • Dr. Pascal Magne is an author, researcher and master of ceramic restorations and bonding materials. It was a privilege to get training under such master in Geneva on State-of-the-art in Partial Bonded Porcelain Restorations. This gave her great depth of knowledge in material sciences, advancements of bonding techniques. This course took her skills to next level in cosmetic dentistry with the minimal invasive techniques
  • The biggest challenge faced by Dentists, after attaining mastery over basic procedures over the years involving single teeth, is in the area of complete masticatory system which includes TMJ, muscles and teeth. All these 3 factors are important to achieve success and longevity of treatments done by dentists
  • To gain mastery on the topic, she underwent an intensive core curriculum of Post Graduate degree Program and received Dawson Scholar Certification in 2017 by the Dawson Academy, USA at Florida. Her mastery finally led to recognition by Dawson Academy as their faculty to train other dentists.
  • This training helped her immensely to diagnose, plan and treat patients with predictability and to offer stable treatments. Also, we are happy to treat some complex cases referred by many dentists whose patients gave up hope for any relief.
  • To catch up with advances in Digital Smile Design (DSD), attended a training on Digital planning of smile designs. Micro Vision Aesthetics is the upcoming field in dentistry where microscopes are used in dentistry for magnification to achieve error free results.
  • This special microscope training for advanced aesthetic preparations were learnt by attending microscopic ceramic Veneers and DSD workshop conducted by Dr.Maxim Belograd at Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Apart from these programs, she attended many advanced continuing education programs to gain mastery in different treatment procedures like advanced Root Canal treatment techniques using rotary instrumentation for accuracy and speedy treatment modalities, using microscopes for minutest accuracy to achieve error free results
  • Dr. Kamala and her team of 4 Specialists and 3 General Dentists work in perfect harmony and coordination to provide patients a comprehensive and personalized dental care suitable to their needs, lifestyle and goals
  • We believe in providing best of care to our patients. So,we take after procedure follow ups very seriously and always remain just a call or message away